Punggol is Singapore’s first eco-town. Learn about the transformation of Punggol from its early days as a fishing village to where it is today. Sustainable living initiatives have been implemented to enable eco-friendly high-rise living, such as effective energy, water, and waste management. Find out how you can lead an eco-friendly lifestyle and participate in activities to build a green and cohesive community!

Punggol Waterway Landscape


Energy Conservation

The Energy Label

The Mandatory Energy Labelling (MELS) was introduced for regulated goods to help consumers compare the energy efficiency and make more informed purchasing decisions. Registered suppliers supplying regulated goods must affix the Energy Label on the units that they supply in Singapore. Do your part to save energy by choosing appliances with 4 ticks or more!

Energy Label

Energy-Saving Habits

Practise simple energy-saving habits to reduce energy usage, save money, and help fight climate change!

Water Conservation

Purchase of Water-Efficient Products

With effect from 1 April 2017, Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme requires products advertised/ offered-for-sale or displayed to bear the new water efficiency labels. Learn how to read a Water Efficiency Label to help you make informed choices when making purchases.

Water Efficiency Label

Water-Saving Habits at Home

Adopt our easy-to-remember water-saving habits to reduce your water usage at home:

  • Wash clothes on full load
  • Always use half-flush when possible
  • Turn off shower when soaping
  • Ensure tap is off when brushing teeth
  • Rinse vegetables in container

Waste Minimisation and Recycling

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Singapore's integrated solid waste management system focuses on two key thrusts – reduce waste and recycling. Let us work towards becoming a Zero Waste Nation by reducing our consumption, as well as reusing and recycling all materials to give them a second lease of life. Find out how you can practise the 3Rs at home!

Tips on Recycling

Under the National Recycling Programme, public waste collectors (PWCs) licensed by NEA are required to provide recycling bins and recycling collection services to all HDB estates, private landed properties and condominiums/ private apartments opted into the public waste collection scheme.

Recycling Bin

Centralised Recyclable Chute

To make it more convenient for Punggol residents to recycle, all blocks in Punggol are provided with a Centralised Recyclable Chute for the collection of recyclable items. Check out what are the items that are recyclable and those that are not!

Centralised Recyclable Chute

Cycling and Getting Around in Punggol

Cycling Network

To promote active mobility, a comprehensive cycling network of about 40 kilometres was planned in Punggol to encourage cycling as another viable mode of transport. It also promotes clean commuting and a healthy lifestyle amongst Punggol residents. Grab your bikes and check it out!

Cycling Network in Punggol

Dual Bicycle Racks

To further promote cycling, dual bicycle racks are installed throughout Punggol as a more efficient way of parking bicycles and to optimise the use of space. The racks are also designed to enhance the security of the bicycles, creating neater and safer bicycle parking space!

Dual Bicycle Racks

North Eastern Riverine Loop

Looking for a scenic route for a leisurely evening cycle, with places to chill and dine after cycling? You can try the North Eastern Riverine Loop (NERL), which is part of the Park Connector Network! This 26-km NERL links up four parks – Punggol Park, Punggol Point Park, Punggol Waterway Park and Sengkang Riverside Park – and passes through the rustic landscapes of Punggol Beach, Punggol Promenade and Lorong Halus Wetland. Don’t forget to take photos of the beautiful sights and interesting wildlife as you venture around the north-eastern part of Singapore.

North Eastern Riverine Loop

Park Connector Network in Punggol

Coney Island Park

Discover the rustic charms of Coney Island Park, home to a wide variety of habitats and a diverse range of fauna and flora, including several nationally threatened species. Accessible from Punggol Promenade Punggol Point Walk, this 87-hectare ecologically sustainable park can be explored on foot or by bicycle. Be charmed by the mangroves, and differently themed beach areas and nodes, all of which support beautiful free-flowering plants and critically endangered species.

Coney Island Park

Community Gardening

Bond Over Gardening

Community gardens provide a platform for people to bond with the wider community. Get closer to nature in our cityscape, and keep mentally and physically fit with gardening while forging friendships with like-minded neighbours and friends. Join a community garden in Punggol now and contribute to Singapore’s greening movement!

Community Gardening

Gardening Resources

Whether you are a first-time gardener or a seasoned one, find out more information and resources on gardening on the Community in Bloom website.

Community Activities

Events and Interest Groups

Check out what are some of the environmental events and interest groups available that are near you and join one today!

Community Clubs and Residents’ Committees

Find out which are the Community Clubs and Residents' Committees that are near you and get in touch with them to join their events and interest groups.

Community Clubs and Centres in Punggol:

  • Punggol 21 Community Club, 80 Punggol Field 828815
  • Punggol West Community Centre, 259C Punggol Field 823259
  • Punggol Vista Community Centre, 602 Punggol Central 820602

Getting Involved

Organise Eco-Activities

Learn more about Lively Places Programme and how you can start your own eco-related community project in Punggol to foster stronger bonds, and promote neighbourliness and eco-friendly living among residents. 

Organise Eco-Activities

Embark on different Eco Trails to learn more about Punggol and its eco-features.

Celebrating LIFE in Punggol

Check out an online version of the brochure to read about some of your neighbours who have made life in Punggol more vibrant!