Your Community Spaces

We have designed HDB towns with a variety of community spaces. From void decks and pavilions, to the newer community living rooms, they are meant for social interaction and community bonding for residents of all ages.


Linkways provide sheltered and convenient access, linking blocks to other parts of the estates such as transport, neighbourhood shops, other precincts, and town centres.

Social Linkway

We have also implemented a ‘social linkway’ in Tampines, where supporting community facilities such as community cafes and community gardens are integrated with commonly-used linkways to create more opportunities for neighbours to interact, and build a stronger sense of belonging to the community.

Social Linkway

Void Decks

HDB void decks are designed for community use, and may come with community spaces or community living rooms with seating areas where residents can interact with one another. In older developments, larger spaces at void decks are also used for community-bonding activities and serve the social needs of residents.

Void deck

Some void decks contain social and community facilities such as childcare centres and elderly day care centres to meet the daily needs of residents.

Precinct Pavilions and Community Living Rooms are added social and community spaces for newer precincts.

Community Living Room

Community Gardens

Community Gardens are places for residents to bond through a shared love for gardening. We have set aside plots in the precinct to be used for community gardens, where Residents’ Committees can set up and grow community gardens with the help of the National Parks Board’s Community in Bloom programme.

Community Garden


Playgrounds bring families and the community closer together. They have evolved to cater for more purposes, a recent example being the 3-Generation family playgrounds catering to the play and exercise needs of the elderly, adults, and children.

3Gen Playgrounds

A new generation of thematic playgrounds has also evolved to encourage active and imaginative play and exploration among children, and draw families and the community closer. These will be built in new housing projects, with design features focusing on town identity, enhanced play experience and bonding.