Brand Values

The HDB Brand Values represent the qualities that HDB stands for; in the way we work and communicate with our customers and stakeholders. This is our promise to you.

HDB Professional

HDB is a modern and competent organisation.

  • HDB is a forward-looking organisation, pioneering policy, operational, and technical innovations, as well as sustainable solutions that ensure a better future.
  • HDB's quality of work aims to be second to none, on par with the best professional standards.
  • HDB officers are competent and caring public servants fully committed to the higher ideals of public service.

HDB Caring

HDB understands the concerns and needs of Singaporeans.

  • HDB will always cater for the housing needs of Singaporeans and understand your concerns.
  • Vulnerable groups in society such as the financially-challenged and the elderly can depend on HDB for extra help.
  • HDB will actively work with you to promote the building of neighbourly ties to make your estate and community secure, happy, and harmonious.

HDB Trustworthy

HDB has the public’s trust and confidence.

  • You can continue to trust HDB to provide you with good, affordable, quality housing and develop policies that meet your different and changing needs.
  • You can trust HDB to build homes and towns that are vibrant and welcoming and carry out timely rejuvenation programmes that ensure the long-term viability of public housing.