Cool Ideas Pitch

Cool Ideas for Better HDB Living (Cool Ideas) is part of an ongoing effort to co-create solutions with the public to enhance the living environment in HDB estates. We encourage them to come up with new ideas through:

  • Call for Ideas via the Cool Ideas Facebook Page

  • HDB Cool Ideas Hack for members of the public who are keen to develop ICT-based solutions for better HDB living


Cool Ideas Pitch

The Cool Ideas Pitch is a platform for shortlisted participants to pitch their ideas to potential adopters. Participants stand a chance to develop their ideas further through the Cool Ideas Fund and walk away with attractive prize money if their idea is adopted.








Cool Ideas Fund

The Cool Ideas Fund was first introduced in 2014 to help Cool Ideas participants transform their prototypes into workable ones and carry out actual test-bedding in HDB estates. Participants whose ideas have been adopted are eligible to apply for this fund.

The funding is capped at $10,000 for each feasible proposal, and helps to support the development costs and associated test-bedding costs of their prototype.


HDB Innovation Festival


HDB Innovation Festival 2018 at Toa Payoh HDB Hub

Winning ideas will be showcased to the public through the HDB Innovation Festival. The festival showcases novel solutions developed by HDB, as well as those co-created in partnership with the industry and the community, to improve the HDB living environment and residents' quality of life.


List of Shortlisted Ideas 2018

The descriptions of the ideas below are shortlisted ideas crowdsourced from the public through Cool Ideas for Better HDB Living. HDB does not endorse any of the ideas or any resulting commercial products arising from the ideas. HDB shall not be held liable or responsible for any representations made by the shortlisted teams in relation to their ideas.

1. Back Support Bed Lifter

The Back Support Bed Lifter is designed to help the elderly get up from bed without assistance.

2. The Social Iron

The Social Iron seeks to ignite the Kampung Spirit, through an ironing service for neighbours, by neighbours.

3. Speedoc: On-Demand Home Medical Services

Speedoc is a mobile app which connects house-call doctors with patients, and plans to use data to analyse healthcare needs on a national level.

4. Antsoff Table

Antsoff Table is an affordable, lightweight, and durable product that keeps ants off table tops.

5. F-Frame

F-Frame is an innovative dual-functional walking aid that switches easily between a walking stick and an underarm crutch.

6. Adaptive Cruise E-Scooter

The Adaptive Cruise E-Scooter is a personal mobility device that improves safety by using an anti-collision sensor.

7. Levitus – Motorised Hoist Wheelchair

Levitus is a motorised hoist wheelchair designed to aid the less-abled, who require assistance to move from their bed to the wheelchairs.


COMO is a mobile app that enables residents to view and give feedback on designs for community spaces.

9. Plantagotchi

Plantagotchi is an IoT device that facilitates community gardening by performing real-time monitoring of conditions in community gardens.


COLLAB is a mobile app that allows new flat owners to collaborate with their neighbours to design their homes together and buy renovation items in bulk.

11. Kampung Hub

Kampung Hub helps residents discover the latest events and sales at HDB neighbourhood shops.

12. HDB Sensemake

HDB Sensemake is a data analytics platform which identifies issues based on residents’ feedback for the respective agencies.

13. Coral

Coral is a mobile app which connects buyers and sellers of recyclable disposables, to promote a recycling culture and sustainability.

14. Fire Sentinel

The Fire Sentinel makes charging of plugged-in electronic devices safer, through intelligent monitoring and automatic shutdown of the power supply.

15. Elderly SAFE Wheelchair

The Elderly SAFE wheelchair is equipped with features to increase safety for the user when moving downhill and uphill.

16. Smart Duplex Walker

The Smart Duplex Walker is a collapsible bipod walking aid for the elderly.