Centre of Building Research

The Centre of Building Research (CBR) is HDB’s Master Laboratory. Set up in 2009, it spearheads our Research and Development (R&D) efforts in building and environmental sustainability, while nurturing new technologies for future generations of public housing. 

The CBR focuses its R&D initiatives on 5 areas, which are aligned with our ‘Roadmap to Better Living’ for building ‘Sustainable Towns’:

  • Energy

    • Reduce overall energy consumption in towns and drive the adoption of renewable and clean energy sources

  • Urban Greenery

    • Create a conducive living environment for residents through innovative greening solutions

  • Living Environment

    • Create a high-quality sustainable urban living for all

  • Waste & Water

    • Research into more efficient waste and water management solutions

  • Building Technology

    • Achieve high quality housing and increase productivity in design and construction