Waste Management

Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS)

As part of HDB Greenprint to create sustainable public housing, residents at 38 residential blocks in Yuhua will be the first to experience the Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS).

The PWCS is an automated waste collection system that uses a vacuum-type underground pipe network to collect household waste, which is then transported through underground pipes to a sealed container. Trucks then periodically collect the waste for disposal. The entire waste collection process is automated, thereby reducing manpower requirements and increasing productivity. Through the PWCS, the environmental and sanitary issues associated with open refuse collection methods are reduced.

Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System

The PWCS will bring about the following benefits:

Reduced manpower

  • Automates the entire refuse collection process
  • Reduces the need for manual labour

Improved living environment

  • Eliminates foul odours emitted from refuse chutes
  • Reduces spills during refuse collection
  • Promotes hygienic and cleaner environment
  • Enhances ambience of estate

Environmentally friendly

  • Reduces the need for washing of chutes
  • Reduces infestation of pests
  • Minimises decomposition of waste


  • Supports separation of waste for recycling

Dos and Don’ts for effective use of the PWCS

Please refer to the PWCS user guide for more information.

Existing waste collection

Flats built before 1989 use the Individual Refuse Collection System (IRCS) for waste disposal. Residents will dispose their waste through the hoppers and into the collection bin at the bottom of the refuse chute. The waste is then manually collected and stored at the bin centre before being removed by the National Environment Agency's (NEA) Public Waste Collectors.

This labour-intensive process involves collecting and transporting waste from individual refuse chutes to the bin centre openly. The open nature of the collection process can result in waste spillage, bringing about sanitary, odour, and pest problems. Regular washing is also needed to keep the estate clean. It was thus necessary to explore alternative refuse collection systems to improve productivity and create a better quality living environment for all.

existing waste collection 1

existing waste collection 2

existing waste collection 3