Housing Scene

March 2021

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In this issue of Housing Scene, we give you a quick TL;DR on the housing measures coming your way in 2021, such as a new housing model for flats in prime locations, and new features on the HDB Flat portal that streamline the flat buying process. For those who can’t wait to move into their new homes, we share how you can take a virtual tour of your HDB flat without leaving the comfort of your home. Finally, get insights into what residents are saying about HDB living, as we summarise the findings from our five-yearly Sample Housing Survey.



Ensuring public housing remains affordable, inclusive, and liveable


#ICYMI Coming your way this year – measures to ensure public housing remains affordable, inclusive and liveable!

As part of Singapore’s rejuvenation plans in the years ahead, we will be launching HDB flats in prime locations. To make sure that these flats remain affordable and inclusive to Singaporeans, we are looking into a new housing model for flats in prime locations. We will be engaging Singaporeans, and will announce the full details at the end of this process.

Meanwhile, flat buyers can look forward to a new streamlined and simplified flat buying process with new features to be implemented on the HDB Flat Portal later this year:

  • HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) letter, which provides a consolidated view of buyers’ eligibility for a new/resale flat purchase, housing grants, and HDB housing loan. When ready, this will replace the current HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter
  • Integrated loan application service which lets buyers apply for housing loans from participating financial institutions directly through the portal
  • Digital platform to guide new flat buyers, which will include features that allow buyers to see relevant information at appropriate flat buying milestones, work out their finances early, and book their preferred appointment slot to collect their keys

For more details on the housing announcements, visit HDB InfoWEB. Meanwhile, stay tuned to our Facebook and Telegram channels for updates on these measures!





#HDBeautiful Virtual Tours


Can’t wait to collect the keys to your new flat? Get a peek into your future home, without leaving the comfort of your current one! Check out the interactive 360-degree virtual tours for selected BTO projects on MyNiceHome, to get a feel of your flat’s layout.

Here’s how you can access the virtual tours:

  1. Visit the MyNiceHome Digital Roadshows page
  2. Select your desired BTO project
  3. Scroll down to the ‘Getting to Know Your New Flat’ section, and click ‘Virtual Tours’
  4. Choose the flat layout type you want
  5. Get transported to your virtual home

The Digital Roadshow page is also full of useful information on renovation guidelines, home maintenance and neighbourhood amenities, and even tips on designing your home and connecting with your neighbours. Happy exploring!






Sample Household Survey 2018 findings

In 2018, we interviewed close to 8,000 households across HDB towns and estates, as part of our five-yearly Sample Household Survey, to find out more about our residents’ living preferences, housing aspirations and HDB living experiences. Here’s what we learnt:

  • Family ties are strong, with many younger married residents living with or near their parents. Visits between parents and married children were also frequent, with those who lived within close proximity visiting more frequently. We will continue to provide a range of housing policies and schemes, like the Married Child Priority Scheme and Proximity Housing Grant, to support extended families who wish to live with or near one another.
  • Milestone life events were common reasons for moving to another home, and families with children tended to move more than those without. With grants like the Proximity Housing Grant and Step-Up Housing Grant for second-timers, and different modes of sale (e.g. Build-to-Order, Sales of Balance Flats, Open Booking of Flats) for various needs and preferences, HDB’s policies will continue to help meet Singaporean’s housing needs. 

Get more insight into HDB living from our 2018 Sample Household Survey.




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