• Why are Build-to-Order (BTO) flats in the same town priced differently?

    Prices Reflect Different Attributes

    Design, location, and the timing of the BTO projects being offered are factors that have an impact on the attributes and prices of the flats. See more details below for a fuller explanation:

    Flat Attributes

    • Size: A larger flat costs more than a smaller flat
    • Purpose of the flat: 3Gen flats are meant for multi-generation families and come with rental and resale restrictions. They cannot be compared directly with other flat types as they have different sales and eligibility conditions
    • Orientation: A better-facing flat (e.g. with views of the park) will cost more
    • Storey Height: Flats on the higher floors generally come with a higher price than those on lower floors

    Project Location

    Projects with locational advantages will have higher prices:

    • Proximity to City or Town Centre: Projects that are nearer to the City Centre or to the Town Centres
    • Accessibility: Projects that are close to MRT or LRT stations
    • Amenities: Projects that are close to key amenities like supermarkets, food centres, or malls
    Timing Prices of BTO flats across different time periods will differ as HDB also takes into account the prevailing market conditions at the time of sale.

    Consistent Approach in Pricing New Flats

    In pricing new BTO flats, regardless of the differences, we take care to ensure that the flats are affordable so that you would be able to find a home that suit your budget and needs:

    • Priced below comparable resale flats: BTO flats are priced significantly lower than comparable resale flats so that Singaporeans can enjoy a subsidy.
    • Grants: Eligible first-timer applicants may also receive up to $80,000 of Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG). Since the Sep 2019 sales launch, the coverage for housing grants has been extended to eligible families with monthly incomes up to $9,000.


    Approach to Pricing New Flats