• Why are Build-to-Order (BTO) flats in the same town priced differently?

    Prices Reflect Different Attributes

    Project location, flat attributes and the timing of the BTO projects being offered are factors that have an impact on the flat prices:

    Project Location

    Projects with locational advantages will have higher prices:

    • Proximity to shops and facilities: Proximity to City, town centre, neighbourhood centre, shopping mall, market/ food centre, retail facilities, sports and recreational facilities, etc. 
    • Accessibility: Proximity to MRT station, LRT station, bus interchange, etc.

    Flat Attributes

    • Size: A larger flat costs more than a smaller flat
    • Orientation: A better-facing flat (e.g. with views of the park) will cost more
    • Storey Height: Flats on the higher floors generally come with a higher price than those on lower floors
    • Fittings and Finishes: A flat that does not come with pre-installed fittings and finishes costs less than another flat that does  
    Timing Prices of BTO flats across different time periods differ according to the prevailing market conditions at the time of offer. That said, even if market prices were to move up, HDB will continue to price new flats affordably. 


    Example: Tampines

     In recent years, HDB has launched several BTO projects in Tampines, such as Tampines GreenWeave, Tampines GreenVerge, and Tampines GreenCourt.

    Flats at Tampines GreenWeave and Tampines GreenVerge are priced more affordably than those at Tampines GreenCourt, because of:

    • Project Location: Tampines GreenCourt is closer to a park, bus interchange and a neighbourhood centre 
    • Flat Attributes: Unlike those at Tampines GreenWeave and Tampines GreenVerge, the flats at Tampines GreenCourt will come with floor finishes, internal doors, and sanitary fittings due to the use of the Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) method

    Consistent Approach in Pricing New Flats

    In pricing new BTO flats, regardless of the differences, we take care to ensure that the flats are affordable so that you would be able to find a home that suit your budget and needs:

    • Priced below comparable resale flats nearby: Singaporeans enjoy a generous subsidy when they buy a BTO flat, which is priced lower than comparable resale flats nearby
    • Housing Grants: With the introduction of the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG) in September 2019, eligible first-timer families buying new flats can receive up to $80,000 in grants regardless of their choice of flat type or location. The income ceiling for the EHG is set at $9,000 a month, higher than the previous Additional CPF Housing Grant and Special CPF Housing Grant