HDB Towns, Your Home

HDB creates towns that are smart, sustainable, and highly liveable. In planning and designing our towns, we seek out innovative solutions to raise the bar higher for public housing.

Our 24 towns and 3 estates offer well-designed HDB flats to meet different budgets and needs.

 Each town has its own history, story and interesting facts.  Discover more here:

  • Facts and figures on the HDB resident population and number of flats under HDB’s management
  • How your towns have evolved through the years, to transform into the vibrant and attractive place you call home
  • Upcoming plans for your towns as they continue to be developed and rejuvenated, to provide a liveable and sustainable environment for residents now and in future

In our towns, active, cohesive communities do not just happen. There is always a catalyst, starting with places and programmes we have put in place. Check out the  Heartland Spots on some of the interesting places in your town.

You can also visit MyNiceHome to learn more about the unique sights and happenings within the HDB heartland.