Welcome to Punggol
Welcome to Punggol Eco-Town Website!

The Sustainable Singapore Blueprint released by the Inter-ministerial Committee on Sustainable Development (IMCSD) in Apr 09 outlines key measures and initiatives to drive sustainable development in Singapore. As the public housing agency for Singapore with a stock of over 9000 residential blocks, HDB has a key role to play in supporting Singapore’s commitment to sustainable development. Over the years, HDB has already been driving sustainable development efforts in its towns and estates. At town level, HDB towns are planned comprehensively to include all key facilities to create a work-live-learn-play environment to meet resident’s needs. HDB buildings are designed to embrace local tropical climate conditions, utilizing passive design strategies to achieve effective energy, water and waste management.

While HDB has achieved much in promoting sustainability, there is a need to do more through new ideas and innovations to stretch the environmental targets. There is scope for HDB to look into developing its first eco-town for the tropics to help enhance the living environment in its estates and encourage residents to do their part for the environment.

Hence, Punggol Town, one of HDB's younger towns, has been identified to be developed into the first Eco-Town in Singapore, for the tropics. To realise the plans for Singapore’s first Eco-Town at Punggol, a multi-agency collaboration structure has been set up to drive a three-pronged development framework:

a) Planning and Design
b) Urban Solutions
c) People

Last Updated on 27 Oct 2011