Celebrating life in the Heartlands

Celebrating LIFE in the Heartlands Celebrating LIFE in the Heartlands

Our Heartland comes "alive" when we come together to realise our common dream & aspirations. Our towns are brought to "life" when the physical landscape and buildings are complemented by the everyday touches of caring and considerate neighbours, familiar sounds, sights and people. Common interests and activities bring the community closer together and appreciative of each other. All these bring colours and vibrancy to the heartlands.

Beyond providing public housing, HDB is also a developer of community-centric towns and builder of active and cohesive communities. HDB has a slew of community programmes & initiatives that provides the finishing "heartware" touch and brings HDB living “to life” by encouraging residents to be positive change agents in their communities, to get involved and to take ownership of their community and living environment.

My Neighbour, My Home

et’s Be Considerate Neighbours

In high-rise living, where we live in proximity, we need to be tolerant and patient with our neighbours. To live in harmony, we need to treat the whole neighbourhood as our home and be considerate to our neighbours.

t’s My Town

What is unique about the town you live in? It could be the familiar sounds & sights or the playground & void deck, perhaps it’s just the place you grew up in, the good, old place you call "Home".
I Love My Town
Life Storeys
My Neighbour, My Home

riends Next Door

Do you have a neighbour whom you can count on in times of need? Discover how some residents have gone the extra mile to be a friend to their neighbours.


As we enjoy clean water, fresh air and green landscapes everywhere we go, let’s do our part to be more eco-friendly in our lifestyle.
Let’s do our part, Live the Eco way

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Celebrating LIFE in the Heartlands

Let’s Be Considerate Neighbours

It’s My Town

Friends Next Door


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