HDB Community Week 2013

HDB Community Week 2013
HDB Community Week 2013

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Here are some of the event highlights!

The HDB Community Week is an annual celebration of the community spirit in the heartlands. A culmination of HDB’s community engagement efforts, the HDB Community Week focuses on bringing out the best of LIFE, LIFE being an acronym for:
L - Let’s be Considerate Neighbours
I - It’s My Town
F - Friends Next Door
E - Eco@Home

Beyond focusing on public housing, HDB prides itself on the promotion of active and cohesive communities and developing community-centric towns. To this end, HDB organises a repertoire of community events aimed at developing camaraderie between residents and the community. The HDB Community Week congregates all these initiatives into a single, convenient platform for residents to be in touch with HDB’s community programmes.

Through the HDB Community Week, we hope to inspire residents to take the first step towards becoming more involved in their community by picking up the habits of L,I,F and E.

If you are interested to find out more, we welcome you to join us in Celebrating LIFE in the Heartlands at the HDB Community Week, happening from 29 May to 9 June at the HDB Hub Atrium.

Main Programme Highlights of HDB Community Week 2013
Date Time Event
29 May 10.00am
  • HDB Community Week 2013 Launch

  • Celebrating LIFE in the Heartlands Photography Exhibition Launch

  • 10.50am Heartland Youthoria! Launch

    30-31 May 9.00am Community Building Seminar (invited guests)

    1 Jun 9.00am Amazing Heartland Race Flag Off

    4.00pm Amazing Heartland Race Prize Presentation

    5.00pm Good Neighbour Award Ceremony (invited guests)

    2 Jun 9.00am Good Neighbour Award Exhibition

    10.00am Heartland Public Talk* – Enriching Your Golden Years (Mandarin)

    2.00pm Heartland Public Talk* – Your First Home, Your Asset


    SHare In NEighbourliness
Movement 2013
    'Celebrating LIFE in the Heartlands' Photography Competition
    Good Neighbour Award 2013
    HeartlanD Beat Art Competition 2013
    Heartland Youthoria! 2013 Amazing Heartland Race 2013
    Heartland Public Talks
    Welcome Party for Straits Vista@Marsiling

    Celebrating LIFE in the Heartlands Videos

    Celebrating life in the Heartlands

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