What is Interim Upgrading Programme (IUP) Plus

IUP Plus was announced by Minister for National Development, Mr. Mah Bow Tan, in Parliament on 20 May 2002. It is a combination of two programmes:

  • Interim Upgrading Programme (IUP) and
  • Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP)

With a combined programme, HDB flat owners do not have to wait for two separate programmes which are carried out at different times. More flat owners can now benefit from an earlier lift upgrading and enjoy the benefits of interim upgrading as well.

138,000 flats built between 1981 and 1986 qualify for this new programme.

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Scope of Works

The scope of works in an IUP Plus are categorised into improvements under IUP and improvements under LUP respectively.

Improvements under IUP

The IUP budget per flat under the IUP Plus is up to $2,400 (fully funded by the Government).

The possible IUP scope of works within this budget includes functional items such as:
  • Linkways
  • Repainting
  • New letter boxes

Other functional items may also be provided if the budget allows.

Improvements under LUP

The lift upgrading aims to achieve 100% direct lift access for all flats, where technically feasible.

Upgraded lifts will move at a faster speed. New lift cars will have improved finishes similar to lifts in new HDB blocks such as:
    • Better lighting, and
    • See-through glass vision panels

Polling Requirements

Improvements under IUP

No polling is required.

Improvements under LUP

Eligible Singapore Citizen households who stand to benefit from lift upgrading will be required to vote. At least 75% of the eligible flat owners in the block must vote for LUP in order for the programme to proceed in that block

As in other upgrading programmes, Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) households are not eligible to poll.
    Last Updated on 03 Feb 2015