What is the Home Improvement Programme (HIP)

The Home Improvement Programme (HIP) helps you, the flat owners, to deal with common maintenance problems related to ageing flats, such as spalling concrete, in a systematic and comprehensive manner.

Flats built up to 1986 and which have not undergone the Main Upgrading Programme (MUP) are eligible for HIP.

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Scope of Works

The HIP works are categorised into Essential and Optional Improvements.

Essential Improvements

These are improvements considered necessary for public health, safety or technical reasons. They are compulsory if HIP is polled successfully.

Essential Improvements include:
  • Replacement of waste pipes
  • Repair of spalling concrete
  • Repair of structural cracks
  • Replacement of pipe sockets
  • Upgrading of electrical supply

Optional Improvements

Optional Improvements include:
  • Upgrading of toilets/bathrooms
  • Replacement of entrance door
  • Replacement of grille gate
  • Replacement of refuse chute hopper

You may opt out of any or all of these improvements with a corresponding reduction in co-payment. However, to opt out of toilet upgrading, the toilets must pass a water test for leaks. This is to prevent ceiling leaks at the flat below.

If you opt out of any of the Optional Improvements, you need not pay your share of these items.

The examples below show sections of an HDB flat before and after HIP works are carried out.

Before HIP
After HIP

Video on HIP

Enhancement For Active Seniors (EASE)

Since July 2012, EASE has been rolled out as additional optional improvements under HDB’s Home Improvement Programme (HIP). HDB has introduced EASE to enhance the safety and comfort of seniors living in HDB flats. From 1st August 2014, the EASE package has been enhanced to extend the coverage of the improvement items. The enhanced package consists of the following:

Slip-resistant treatment to floor tiles of 2 bathrooms/ toilets*
Grab bars to 2 bathrooms/ toilets*
Ramp(s) to negotiate level differences in the flat and/or at the main entrance, where technically feasible.

      *previously 1 bathroom/ toilet

The enhancement items will be offered to HIP with EASE precincts polled from 1 August 2014. In addition, it is also extended to on-going HIP projects that have not completed works by 1 August 2014. There is no age criterion for residents.

Similar to other upgrading programmes, EASE is highly subsidised by the government. If a resident selects all the EASE items, the cost will be around $2,500 per flat. As the Government will provide a subsidy of up to 95% of the cost, Singapore Citizens would pay an amount ranging from $125 to $312.50, depending on their flat type (see following table).

Flat type
1/2/3 Room
4 Room
5 Room
Cost of EASE per flat
Government Pays
$2,250 (90%)
$2,187.50 (87.5%)
Singapore Citizen Pays
$125 (5%)
$187.50 (7.5%)
$250 (10%)
$312.50 (12.5%)
(#Maximum amount if all the items are opted. Amount is before GST.)

For elderly residents staying at rental blocks, the improvement items will be fully funded by the Government.

You need not wait for HIP to come your way to enjoy EASE. From 15 March 2013, EASE (Direct Application) is offered to HDB flats in all Towns. This offering will benefit those elderly who may wish to get the improvements earlier before HIP, or whose blocks do not qualify for HIP. For more information, please visit our webpage on EASE (Direct Application).

Video on EASE

Construction Period

The construction period for a typical precinct comprising 8 - 10 blocks will take about 1.5 - 2 years. Works in each flat will take 10 days or less, depending on the improvements chosen.

Polling Requirements

HIP will proceed only if 75% or more of a block’s eligible Singapore citizen households have voted in favour of HIP at the poll.

Please click to view online demo on polling for HIP. You may also wish to view the online demo on polling for both HIP and LUP, if your block is also selected for the Lift Upgrading Programme.

As in other upgrading programmes, Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) households are not eligible to poll.

    Precinct Working Committee

    In each HIP precinct, a Working Committee will be formed to oversee the project. The Committee:
    • Is chaired by the Adviser to the Grassroots Organisation;
    • Comprises representatives from the residents, grassroots leaders, and officials from HDB and the Town Council.

    Last Updated on 17 Sep 2014