Scheduled Billing Date under Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP/IUP-Plus)

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Subjected to changes by HDB, billing is not expected to take place within the next 3 months for those precincts still undergoing upgrading. Below are the precinct scheduled for billing for the coming 3 months.

Branch In Charge
Scheduled Billing
Blk 55 - 63 Chai Chee Drive/Road
20 May 2015
Blk 9 - 11 Marsiling Drive
20 May 2015
Blk 6 Holland Close
Blk 9, 10 & 12 Holland Ave
Blk 11, 13, 40 - 43 & 45 - 47 Holland Drive
20 Jul 2015
Blk 101, 102, 185 - 187 Bt Batok West Ave 6
Blk 103, 106 Bt Batok Ctrl
Blk 173, 174, 178 - 184 Bt Batok West Ave 8
Bukit Batok
20 Aug 2015
Blk 24 & 25 Teban Gardens Rd
20 Aug 2015


The lift upgrading cost is payable only when the upgrading works in the precinct are completed. Billing will only commence after the upgrading costs for the precinct is finalised and the flat owners' share of the upgrading cost is computed. The person who is the owner of the flat at the date of billing has to pay for the lift upgrading cost.

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Last Updated on 21 Apr 2015