Possible Improvements

As 2 or more precincts are involved in each NRP project, the programme allows improvements to be done more comprehensively, with better coordination and integration of improvements across neighbouring precincts. This means that there will be less duplication and more variety of improvements to meet the different needs of residents.

The list of possible improvements in the table below is not exhaustive. Residents can propose other improvements for implementation.

Type of ImprovementsExamples
Block-level improvements
  • New letterboxes
  • Residents’ corners
  • Seating area at void decks
  • Lift lobby tiling at 1st storey
Precinct-level improvements
  • Drop-off porch
  • Covered linkways
  • Playground
  • Footpath/Jogging track
  • Fitness corner
  • Street soccer pitch
  • Pavilion/Shelter
  • Landscaping

In addition, for projects selected from FY2015 onwards, the NRP will also include repainting of blocks and repair works for items such as spalling concrete/cracklines, apron drains and floors, etc. This will allow for better coordination of NRP works with the Town Council's routine maintenance programme. Blocks and precincts can then be more comprehensively rejuvenated, without inconveniencing the residents twice.

Examples of NRP Works

The following pictures show some examples of NRP works.

Sports Park at Bukit Batok West Ave 6/Central

Fitness Station at Ang Mo Kio Ave 5

Drop-off Porch cum Linkway at Circuit Rd

Drop-off Porch at Ang Mo Kio Ave 5

Other Improvements/Upgrading Programmes with NRP

Where feasible, other improvement works or upgrading programmes with separate funding may also be carried out in tandem with NRP to minimise inconvenience to residents. For example, Revitalization of Shops Scheme (ROS), upgrading of neighbourhood park and works to improve barrier-free accessibility.
Last Updated on 11 Sep 2014