What is a Season Parking Ticket

HDB's Season Parking Ticket (SPT) allows a motorist to park at a particular HDB's car park group at any time without having to display parking coupons.

HDB's Season Parking Ticket is intended for your long term parking at HDB's car parks. When you are buying an SPT, you are buying it on a calendar basis i.e. from the first to the last day of the month.

HDB's car parks are meant to serve mainly the HDB's residents who hold a valid season parking ticket. You can park your vehicle in any of the car park/s within the car park group. Allocation of such parking lots in a popular car park is based on order of priority.

How to check the validity of season parking and car park(s) which I can park

You can login to My HDBPage anytime to view the validity and information on your season parking ticket.

If you have a valid season parking but the car park where you wish to park is full, you can park at any car park within the same car park group. To check the other car park(s) where you can park, please login to My HDBPage.

What is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag

You will be issued an RFID tag when you apply for a season parking ticket. Each RFID tag has a unique identification number (UID) which can be used to identify a vehicle. Only one RFID tag will be issued and it can be used for subsequent renewal of season parking.

Here is a picture of an RFID tag:

Sample of RFID Tag

How to display the RFID Tag

The RFID tag should be prominently displayed to facilitate the parking enforcement officer to check the season parking ticket's validity.

Here is a guide to display the RFID tag:

Cars, Lorries and BusesMotorcycles
Place the RFID tag at the front left corner of the vehicle's windscreen.Place the RFID tag in a disc holder near the road tax disc.
Placement of RFID Tag

Placement of RFID Tag
Last Updated on 17 Dec 2014