Park and Ride Scheme

The Park & Ride scheme is meant for passenger cars and light goods vehicles. The scheme is to encourage motorists to park their vehicles at designated car parks and use the MRT, LRT or buses to travel to other parts of the city to avoid traffic congestion.

The scheme is implemented at selected HDB/URA car parks near MRT stations and bus interchanges.

With effect from 1 December 2011, Park & Ride season parking ticket holders are not allowed to park at the reserved parking lots in all HDB car parks implemented with Park & Ride scheme. These reserved lots are strictly provided for HDB season parking ticket holders.

Read more about the scheme Charges.


The Park & Ride package is sold only at TransitLink sale offices at MRT stations and Bus interchanges near to the designated Park & Ride car parks. It is open for sales from 15th of the preceding month to the 7th of the valid month.

The charges are summarised in the following table:

PackageParking TimeParking Charges
Standard Park & Ride Set
7.00 am to 9.00 pm
(Mondays to Fridays)

7.00 am to 3.00 pm

Sundays and Public Holidays are excluded
The package includes:
  • a $30 Season Parking Ticket and
  • a $40 stored value ez-link card (for first-time purchase, an additional $5 deposit for the card is applicable)
Ad-Hoc Parking
(only for Park & Ride car parks with ad-hoc parking)
For car parks implemented with coupon system, $3 coupon daily to park in Park & Ride car parks.

For car parks implemented with Electronic Parking System, the charges are also $3.00 for parking three hours or more during the Park & Ride operating hours.

The sale of the Park & Ride package is co-ordinated & administered by TransitLink Pte Ltd. Read the scheme in more details. For further information, please contact TransitLink Pte Ltd at 1800-2255663.

Last Updated on 03 Jun 2015