Commercial Vehicle Parking

Commercial vehicles such as a lorry or a mini-bus where unladen weight exceeds 1,800kg, are generally not allowed to be parked in any of the residential car parks.

This is due to:
  • Safety and environmental concerns
  • Efforts to preserve the character and ambience of the residential estates

However, HDB may exercise flexibility to allow such commercial vehicles that can fit* in a car parking lot to be parked at the residential car parks on a case by case basis. Read more on applying for a season parking for such commercial vehicles:
(* indicates that a vehicle shall not cause any obstruction or danger to other vehicles or car park users)

Commercial vehicles which cannot fit in a car parking lot at a residential car park are required to park at the centralised lorry/bus parks located at the fringe of housing estates. Find out more on the following from One-Motoring's website:
  • Location of various centralised heavy vehicle parks
  • Availability of parking lots
  • Vehicle parking certificate scheme
  • Associated rules and regulations

How to Apply

Read more on how you can apply for a new season parking ticket for a commercial vehicle which can fit in properly in a car parking lot at a residential car park.


The charges depend on the unladen weight of commercial vehicle and type of car park are :

Unladen Weight of the Commercial Vehicle
Season Parking Charges
Multi-storey Car Park
Surface Car Park
<= 1,800 kg
> 1,800 kg
$185* (not > 2000kg unladen/laden weight)

* The parking charges for a commercial vehicle which has unladen weight exceeding 1,800 kg are higher. This is to regulate the parking demand of these vehicles at the residential car parks.
Last Updated on 24 Aug 2015