Servicing your Monthly Loan Instalment

Mortgage loan instalments are due and payable on the 1st of every month from the commencement of the instalment until the loan is fully redeemed.

How to pay for your monthly loan instalments

Payments for the monthly loan instalments can be made by CPF, GIRO, e-payments using eNETS Debit (at HDB's website or Mobile@HDB), ATM/Phonebanking/Internet banking facilities of participating banks, AXS payment channels (AXS kiosk, AXS e-Station, AXS m-Station (mobile application)), or cash/NETS/cheque, or a combination of these. However, the following categories of mortgagors will have to pay their monthly loan instalments by CPF and/or GIRO:
    • mortgagors who purchase new flats with loan effective date from 1 Aug 2004 onwards;
    • mortgagors who purchase resale flats with application date from 1 Aug 2004 onwards;
    • mortgagors who take over flats by way transfer of flat ownership with application date from 1 Aug 2004 onwards;
    • mortgagors who purchase DBSS flats with Letter of Offer date from 1 Feb 2008 onwards.

Payment Modes

If you wish to authorise a monthly deduction from your CPF account, you will need to sign the CPF withdrawal form when you first receive your keys to your flat at Sales Section and Resale Section at HDB Hub or subsequently at any HDB Branch. You may also request for a copy of the CPF withdrawal form to be sent to you by post.

If you are visiting our Branches, please bring along your identity card. To verify that you have sufficient CPF savings for the deduction, you may bring along your latest CPF Statement of Account or authorise HDB to access your CPF balance.

To vary the CPF contribution rates for payment of your monthly mortgage loan instalment, you and your co-flat owner(s) need to sign the CPF withdrawal forms which are available at any HDB Branch. Alternatively, you could request for a copy of the CPF withdrawal form to be sent to you by post.

If there are shortfalls in your monthly deductions, you can make ad hoc CPF payments online via HDB's website or Mobile@HDB for your mortgage loan and upgrading costs. For online CPF payments, simply log into Financial Info with your SingPass and click on "Payment of Outstanding Instalment by CPF". Alternatively, you can visit our Branches to sign the CPF withdrawal form.

Important notes:
  • You are required by CPF Board to buy the Home Protection Insurance if you wish to pay your instalments by CPF on a monthly basis.
  • The monthly CPF deduction takes place on the Sunday between 6th to 12th of the month (inclusive of both dates).

If you wish to pay your loan instalment by GIRO, you will need to complete and submit the Interbank GIRO (IBG) Application Form to HDB.

If you are the flat owner, you can access the pre-filled IBG application form online via My HDBPage using your Singpass. You just need to complete your bank details in the online form.

If you are not the flat owner, you can access the online IBG application form via HDB's e-Service and complete your details in the blank online form.

The online application form is self-addressed. Print the form in hardcopy, sign and send it by post to HDB for authentication of signature/thumbprint by the bank (bank's requirement).

You can also obtain a copy of the form from:

  • HDB Branches
  • Counters at HDB Hub (Sales/Resale/Rental Housing/Industrial Properties/Commercial Properties), or
  • call our Branch Service Line at 1800-2255432 during office hours

Alternatively, if you have an Internet banking account with OCBC or UOB, you may sign up online by accessing OCBC's internet banking website (, or UOB's internet banking website (, using the access code and PIN number assigned by the bank.

HDB will inform you of the GIRO commencement date as soon as your GIRO application is approved by your bank. Alternatively, you may subscribe at OneInbox to be notified of the approval of your GIRO application.

The monthly mortgage loan instalment will be deducted from your GIRO bank account on the 28th of each month. If the first deduction is unsuccessful (due to insufficient funds in the bank account), we will attempt to make a second deduction on the 6th of the following month. If the deduction date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the GIRO deduction will be made on the next working day.

If you wish to change the GIRO deduction amount in a particular month, you may submit your request online via My HDBPage using your SingPass. Please note that your bank may impose a penalty charge for every unsuccessful GIRO deduction. HDB may also impose a charge for late payment. Hence, please maintain sufficient funds in your GIRO bank account to meet the specified payment.
By e-payments using eNETS Debit

E-payments for loan instalments using eNETS Debit (a direct debit mode where payments are debited real time from payers' bank account) can be made at HDB's website or Mobile@HDB via

If you wish to make payments for your loan instalments using eNETS Debit, you would need to apply for an Internet Banking User ID and PIN with the participating banks i.e. DBS/POSB, UOB, OCBC, Standard Chartered Bank or Citibank.

You can then access HDB's website or Mobile@HDB and make online payments using eNETS Debit with your Internet Banking User ID and PIN .
By ATM/Phonebanking/Internet banking facilities of participating banks

Phonebanking and internet banking facilities are provided by DBS Bank, OCBC Bank and UOB for residents to make their mortgage loan instalment payment. Account holders of OCBC Bank can also make such HDB payment through the bank's ATMs. You may contact the banks directly for the use of these facilities.
By Cash/ NETS /Cheque

You may pay your mortgage loan instalment via cash/NETS/cheque at any HDB Branch, so long as legal action has not been initiated for any outstanding arrears. You may pay only your current month loan instalment via cash at your Town Council Office.

If you are paying by cheque, please make your crossed cheque payable to the “Housing & Development Board” and mail it to your managing Branch. Please write your name, address, telephone number, HDB reference number and purpose of payment (i.e. mortgage loan instalment) on the reverse of your cheque. No receipt will be issued for cheque payment by post.
Last Updated on 17 Feb 2015