Materials List
Materials List (ML) Products: Background Information

HDB screens products to ensure that they meet performance standards and statutory requirements before they are included in the Material List. Hence, the products listed have good track records or shown consistent good quality.

Manufacturers and suppliers of the products listed in the Materiasl List has a quality control programme in place to ensure no deviations in product quality and performance requirements.

What Does the Materials List Provide?

The HDB's Materials List (ML) provides a comprehensive selection of quality products applicable for HDB construction projects. Suppliers and contractors seeking Materials List listing can visit the site for more information on the performance and test requirements for product evaluation and listing as well as the application procedure.

How Can Different Groups Use the ML?

Contractors and consultants will find the Materials List useful in helping them select the right quality products for their HDB projects. However, manufacturers/suppliers, contractors and the consultants are still responsible for ensuring that the products they use comply fully with:
  • Technical specifications
  • Standards
  • Approved drawings
  • Other statutory requirements

Apart from suppliers, contractors may also propose products not listed in the Materials List. They will need the approval of the consultants and will also need to submit samples, test reports and other relevant information related to the product. They will also have to bear all costs for any additional testing required.
Last Updated on 14 Oct 2014