Safety Requirements

The window legislation was passed to ensure that windows are maintained in good working condition and are secure at all times. This will result in a safer living environment for everyone.

From 01 Oct 2004, the law:
  • regulates the design and installation of windows, and
  • requires aluminium casement windows fitted with aluminium rivets to be replaced by stainless steel rivets.

View the video on Window Legislation

For more information on Window Safety Requirement :
To ensure the minimum safety requirements, flat owners must engage only BCA approved window contractors listed with HDB to carry out installation/replacement of new aluminium windows or repair of existing aluminium windows in HDB flats.

Flat owners are also required to state the name(s) of BCA approved window contractor and that of the trained installer on the window permit application submitted to HDB.

Check if Your Home Windows Conform to the Retrofitting Requirement

In Conformity with regulationFor HDB FlatsWhat Must I Do & By When?
NoWith existing aluminium casement windows fitted with aluminium rivetsIf windows are 5 years old or more on 01 Oct 2004 then:

Change to stainless steel rivets by 30 Sep 2005
(The number of rivets specified by HDB is 4 for side hung aluminium casement windows and 3 for top hung aluminium casement windows if they are required to be retrofitted with stainless steel rivets.)

If windows are less than 5 years old on 01 Oct 2004 then:

Change to stainless steel rivets before windows reach the 5th year or by 30 Sep 2005, whichever is later
NoInstalling new windowsTo meet performance requirements of Building Control Regulations from 01 Oct 2004

In Conformity with regulationFor HDB FlatsWhy are These Windows in conformity with the regulation?
YesCompleted or upgraded after 2000These are original casement windows provided by HDB and are already fitted with stainless steel rivets.
YesWith other types of windows like sliding, louvered or mild steel casement windowsThese type of windows are not fitted with rivets.

  • Mild Steel Casement WindowsMild Steel Casement Windows

  • Wooden Casement WindowsWooden Casement Windows

    Wooden Casement Windows

YesOn lowest levelWindows at the lowest level are exempted from this Legislation.

Appoint only BCA-approved window contractors

Please engage a BCA approved window contractor listed with HDB to check, retrofit or install windows.

Submit retrofitting report

Upon completion of the retrofitting works, the approved window contractor will provide you with a retrofitting report, duly signed by their installer. This report is part of the retrofitting process/requirement and is to be provided at no extra charge.

Please submit the completed hardcopy retrofitting report (Form B1) to your HDB Branch.

Alternatively, you can submit Form B1 electronically by logging into My HDBPage and accessing the form from My e-Services>Others.

Do keep a copy of the retrofitting report for future reference.

Advice & Assistance

Tips to avoid misunderstandings with the contractor

The engagement of the window contractor is a private arrangement between you, the flat owner and the contractor. Before you engage the window contractor, we advise you to:
  • find out from the contractor the type and extent of work that needs to be done and how much it will cost
  • compare rates, negotiate the price and study the terms and conditions

This will help you avoid problems or complaints related to overcharging by the contractor or unnecessary work being carried out.

The indicative rates listed below can be used as a guide of the prevailing market rates

View the Indicative Rates for windows related works.

What to do if rivets are not firmly secured?

Your BCA-approved window contractor is responsible for the proper installation of the rivets. After the retrofitting is completed, check that the rivets are firmly secured onto the frames. If there are loose rivets, immediately call back your window contractor to rectify the irregularity. If your window contractor refuses to rectify the work, please inform HDB so that we can take appropriate action against the contractor.

Failure to Retrofit Your Windows

Please note that flat owners who fail to retrofit the windows to stainless steel rivets by 30 Sept 2005 can be fined up to $5,000/- and/or sentenced to 6-month jail term.

Minimum Safety Requirements for Installation/Replacement of New Aluminium Windows

View the information on the safety requirement for carrying out installation/replacement of new aluminium windows

Minimum Safety Requirements for Retrofitting Existing Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Casement Windows
( Drawing on Aluminium Casement Windows)

1) Friction stay
(Non stainless steel or sag/bend)
  • Replace friction stay with stainless steel grade 304 or equivalent
  • Use stainless steel grade 304 or equivalent rivets of minimum 4.8mm dia
  • 4 rivets on each side of friction stay
2) Connection of friction stay to window frame
(Fitted with aluminium rivets)
  • Replace with stainless steel grade 304 or equivalent rivets of minimum 4.8mm dia
  • 4 rivets on each side of friction stay.
3) Corner brackets
(if used) for corners of window leaf (Plastic material deteriorated)
  • Replace with zinc casted corner brackets
4) Glass panel
(Cracked or loose)
  • Replace glass panel and rubber gasket

Aluminium Sliding Windows
( Drawing on Aluminium Sliding Windows)

1) Safety devices
(Damaged or not provided. Not easily removed.)
Replace/add one of the following safety devices to prevent sliding panel from jumping track
  • Stoppers at top of window outer frame [Minimum 1 stopper per sliding panel width and repeat the same along the track. The stopper shall be fastened with stainless steel grade 304 or equivalent rivet of minimum 4 mm dia. Refer to drawing for spacing of stoppers]
  • Aluminium angle strip at bottom of window outer frame [fastened with stainless steel grade 304 or equivalent rivet minimum 4 mm dia. at spacing of not more than 300mm c/c]
2) Rollers
Replace rollers
3) Glass panel
(Cracked or loose)
Replace glass panel and rubber gasket

Aluminium Adjustable Louvre Vent
(Drawing on Adjustable Louvre Vent)

1) Glass louvres(Cracked or loose)Replace glass louvres
2) Adjustable lever
Replace lever mechanism

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