Authorisation Form and Power of Attorney
As a buyer of the flat, you are required to attend the following appointments personally:
  • Selection of flat
  • Signing Sales Agreement
  • Collection of Keys

If you are unable to attend the selection appointment, you will have to complete an Authorisation Form and submit it to us during your selection appointment.

If you are unable to attend the appointment to sign the Sales Agreement or collection of keys or both, you will have to prepare a Power of Attorney.

When is the Power of Attorney Required?

A Power of Attorney (PoA) is a legal document that allows a person ("donor") to appoint another person ("attorney") to act on his behalf and in his name on matters specified in the Power of Attorney.

When buying or selling an HDB flat, certain matters must be attended to at different stages of the process. For example, signing of documents, such as the:
  • Option to Purchase
  • Agreement for Lease
  • Deed of Assignment
  • Lease-in-Escrow
  • Mortgage-in-Escrow, etc.

The Power of Attorney (PoA) is required if you are unable to attend personally to these matters. You are advised to consult a private solicitor in Singapore to prepare the Power of Attorney (PoA).

What Must You and Your Private Solicitor Do?

Step 1: Preparing the PoA

You must get a solicitor to prepare the PoA.

Step 2: Signing the PoA

ThePoA has to be signed by you in the presence of your solicitor. If you are already overseas, you must sign the PoA in the presence of a:
  • Notary Public, or
  • Singapore High Commission, or
  • Singapore Ambassador in the country of your stay

Step 3: Registering the PoA

After your PoA has been signed, your solicitor will register the PoA with the High Court Registry.

Step 4: Submitting Required Documents to HDB

Once the PoA has been registered, you have to submit any one of the following documents to us:
  • Original PoA + 1 photocopy, or
  • Certified true copy from the High Court + 1 photocopy, or
  • 2 certified true copies of the PoA by an Advocate and Solicitor, or
  • Certified true copy by an Advocate and Solicitor together with the computer print out with the High Court seal. This is required in cases where PoA has been registered through the Electronic Filing System.

Important Points to Note
  • If you are going overseas, you are advised to obtain the PoA before leaving the country
  • The Power of Attorney cannot be used for signing of any of the following as they must be signed personally by you:
    1. Application Form
    2. Statutory Declarations (you must sign in presence of a Commissioner of Oaths or Notary Public)
    3. Any undertakings
  • If you have submitted an original PoA or a certified true copy of the PoA from the High Court to us, it will be returned to your solicitor. This is after the Lease & Mortgage document has been registered with the Singapore Land Authority
  • However, certified true copies of the PoA by the solicitors will be retained by HDB

Last Updated on 02 Jul 2015