Additional CPF Housing Grant

The Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG) Scheme is meant to help lower and middle income citizen families with a steady household income to buy their first subsidised home. At least one of the applicants must have worked continuously for 12 months prior to the flat application and remain employed at the point of flat application. The AHG amount is graduated according to income brackets, in favour of lower income households. It can be used to offset the purchase price of a new flat, resale flat or DBSS flat. It is an additional subsidy over and above the regular subsidy and CPF Housing Grant that new and resale flat buyers receive respectively.

Eligible first-timers can use the AHG amount (up to $40,000) as an additional subsidy over and above the prevailing CPF Housing Grant for Family.

Who is Eligible for Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG)

The Additional CPF Housing Grant can only be given once to each eligible family. You will have to meet these eligibility conditions if you wish to apply for the AHG:

Detailed Description
Meet eligibility conditions and are applying for:
  • CPF Housing Grant for Family or
  • CPF Housing Top-Up Grant
AHG applicants must meet all eligibility conditions and must be applying for any of the CPF Housing Grant below:
Employment StatusAs the applicant, you or your spouse/fiancé/fiancée:
  • must be in continuous employment for 12 months before the flat application and
  • are still employed at the time of submission of the flat application.
Income Ceiling
Remaining Lease of Flat
(applicable to resale applications received on or after 1 July 2013)
30 years or more

Visit the Centralised Map Services to find out flat lease details.

Amount of Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG)

AHG is graduated to allow families with lower income to receive a higher grant amount. The amount of AHG flat buyers can be eligible for depends on their average gross monthly household income assessed over the past 12 months.

Average Monthly Household Income
Enhanced Additional CPF Housing Grant
(from 6 Feb 09)
$1,500 or less
$1,501 - $2,000
$2,001 - $2,500
$2,501 - $3,000
$3,001 - $3,500
$3,501 - $4,000
$4,001 - $4,500
$4,501 - $5,000
$ 5,000

Last Updated on 12 Jun 2015