Attend Appointments with HDB

You will be required to attend the following appointments for the purchase of your flat:

First Appointment

The HDB will schedule a First Appointment date according to the date booked during the submission of the resale application. The date booked must be mutually agreed to by both the buyer of the resale flat and the seller.

If there is a need, either party can later change the First Appointment online via their own MyHDBPage, but he must obtain the consent from the other party and state so in the request. You may check the available dates and time slots for the Resale First Appointment using the Enquiry on Available Dates for Resale First Appointment e-Service.

The HDB will send a letter to both the buyer and the seller confirming the date and time of their First Appointment to process their purchase/sale transaction. If either the buyer or the seller does not turn up for the First Appointment, the resale transaction will be cancelled.

If you are applying for any of the following grants, the parents/married child must also be present during the first appointment.
  • CPF Housing Grant for Family (Living Near Parents/Married Child)
  • CPF Housing Grant For Singles (Living With Parents)

Purpose of the First Appointment

The First Appointment is arranged for the HDB Customer Relations Manager to meet both the resale flat buyer and the seller. The appointment is for the HDB Customer Relations Manager to:

Discuss Administrative Matters

  • Verify buyer’s eligibility
  • Explain the resale procedures to buyer
  • Obtain buyer's authorisation for the HDB to act for the buyer in the conveyancing (buyer may engage his own solicitor to act for him)
  • Confirm on the Manner of Holding (for applications with more than one buyer)
  • Fix the Completion Date for the purchase

Finalise Buyer’s Resale Financial Plan

If you are taking an HDB loan, the HDB Customer Relations Manager will:
  • verify your eligibility for an HDB loan and determine the amount of mortgage loan that can be granted to you
  • process your application to withdraw your CPF savings for the purchase
    • set aside from your CPF Ordinary Account the amounts for the payment of the stamp duty and conveyancing fee and the Home Protection Scheme (HPS) premium (if any). Thereafter, the balance in the CPF Ordinary Account will be used up for the payment of the purchase price, subject to a ceiling set by the market valuation (that is, the CPF money can only be used up to the market valuation or purchase price, whichever is the lower).
  • determine the amount of cash that you need to pay to buy the flat. Cash payment is required when the purchase price is above the market valuation or when the loan granted and the CPF money withdrawn for the purchase are not enough to cover the purchase price. The cash payment will be made on the completion date of the purchase must be in Cashier's Order and/or NETS only.
  • inform you the amount of stamp duty and legal fees you have to pay.
  • arrange for your use of GIRO to pay the monthly instalments

If you are taking a bank loan, the HDB Customer Relations Manager will only verify the amount of mortgage loan you are taking from the bank. The bank's lawyer who is acting for your purchase will advise you on the amount of conveyancing fees payable and when to make the various payments.

Documents buyer needs to bring for First Appointment

Buyer will need to bring:
Additional documents needed, if buyer is a bankrupt

If the buyer is buying any of the following flat types, he/she needs a Letter of Consent from Official Assignee to consent to the purchase.
  • Executive Flat
  • Multi-Generation Flat
  • HUDC flat

Additional documents needed, if the buyer has inherited an interest in an HDB flat*

  • A Petition for Letter of Administration with the Estate Schedule

*For this case. HDB’s approval must be obtained before submitting the resale application

Approval for your Purchase Transaction

You would receive the approval letter from the HDB within two weeks from the date of the first appointment.

You may also check the status of your resale application on My HDBPage under "My Flat > Application Status - Resale"

Resale Completion

The Resale Completion is scheduled about six to eight weeks from the date of the First Appointment.

Purpose of Resale Completion

The appointment is for the HDB to witness
    • The signing of the transfer document by the seller of the resale flat
    • The signing of the mortgage document/agreement by the buyer (if buyer is taking an HDB loan)
    • The handing over of the keys from the seller to the buyer (or to the buyer's lawyer if the buyer took a bank loan and engaged the bank's lawyer to act for the purchase) after:
        • The buyer confirms that the flat has been vacated and the conditions are acceptable (buyer should arrange for a final inspection of the flat with the seller before the date of completion)
        • The sellers have to pay the service and conservancy charges up to the day of resale completion. As for property tax, they are required to pay up to the end of the year.

Important Notes:
  • Buyers and Sellers are reminded not to enter into any supplementary agreements/arrangements with regard to the sale/purchase.
  • After the signing of the transfer documents, the flat is legally under the buyers names and as the new owners, they will be responsible for all lease matters relating to the flat.

What Buyer Should Do Before Resale Completion

1Inspect the flat
You will have to ensure that the flat is vacant and the physical condition is acceptable before you take possession of the resale flat
2Buy Fire Insurance
If you are taking an HDB loan, you will have to buy a Fire Insurance from the HDB’s appointed insurer, Etiqa Insurance Pte Ltd (ETIQA), at Toa Payoh HDB Hub, Atrium 2nd storey, Fire Insurance Counters 213 or 215 with the resale completion appointment letter. You can buy the Fire Insurance on the day of the completion appointment and produce the receipt for the payment to the resale Customer Relations Manager during the completion appointment.

For more details about the HDB Fire Insurance, you may call ETIQA's enquiry line 6331 9253 or visit ETIQA's website.

    Payment to be made by Buyers at the Resale Completion

    If you are taking an HDB loan, you must pay the balance of the purchase price of the flat, if any, on the Resale Completion date. If your CPF is not enough to pay the Stamp Duty in full, you can pay the balance on the Resale Completion date. The payments have to be made by Cashier’s Order and/or NETS to the Payment Office at Level 3, HDB Hub before you meet the Customer Relations Manager for the Resale Completion.

    Cancellation of resale application

    The application will be cancelled if:
    • the resale is abortive for any reason whatsoever; or
    • the buyer and the seller withdraw their application by giving notice in writing to the HDB; or
    • the buyer does not have sufficient CPF savings or cash to finance the purchase of the resale flat; or
    • the information given in the resale application by the seller/buyer is incorrect or the buyer/seller has suppressed any information required; or the buyer/seller is not eligible to retain his application under the HDB's policies.

    Last Updated on 01 Jul 2015