Our Role

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) is Singapore's public housing authority and a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development.

Providing Affordable, Quality Homes

HDB plans and develops public housing towns that provide Singaporeans with quality homes and living environments. In this effort, HDB engages in active research and development work to ensure that cost-effectiveness and quality standards are maintained and continually improved upon.

Ensuring Vibrant Towns

Even as HDB towns are provided with various commercial, recreational and social facilities and amenities for the convenience of residents, one of HDB’s key priorities is to ensure that they meet changing needs and circumstances. Through renewal and upgrading programmes, HDB brings new features, facilities and improvements to its older estates and towns to ensure their vibrancy and continued relevance.

The latest rejuvenation programme is the ‘ Remaking Our Heartland’ Plan, a 20-30 year plan to transform HDB estates and towns into a world-class living environment.

Focusing on the Community

Another key priority of HDB is the building of cohesive communities within its towns. Living environments are provided with community spaces for residents to mingle and interact. Public housing policies and schemes are formulated not only to meet changing needs and aspirations, but they also support national objectives such as maintaining racial harmony and stronger family ties, and focus on the needs of elderly and those who may be in financial difficulty. In addition, with its network of HDB Branches, HDB ensures that it is well integrated in the daily lives of the community it serves.

Last Updated on 03 Jun 2015