Flat Owners to Register Subletting of Rooms with HDB
Date issued : 12 Jan 2010

               From 1 Feb 2010, flat owners who sub-let rooms in their HDB flats will have to register with HDB within 7 days of doing so. They are also required to notify HDB when they renew or terminate the sub-letting of rooms, and when there are changes to their sub-tenants' particulars. There is no need to seek prior approval for sub-letting of rooms.

    2         The new requirement will support the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)’s on-going efforts to eradicate loan-sharking activities, and to better protect HDB residents. Currently, some people use their old addresses to borrow from loan-sharks while they rent a room in another HDB flat. As they have moved their place of residence without updating addresses in their NRICs, this resulted in the new flat occupiers being harassed by the loan-sharks while the borrowers are untraceable.

    3         Through this new rule, HDB will be able to capture the particulars of those who rent rooms in HDB flats. With information on the addresses of owners and sub-tenants, MHA will be able to trace the movements of borrowers.

    Details of Registration

    4         The new rule will apply to all new and existing cases of room sublets:

      • For the existing cases where the sub-letting tenancies commenced before 1 Feb 2010, owners are given a 6-month grace period from 1 Feb 2010 to register their sub-letting of rooms with HDB
      • For new cases of sub-letting from 1 Feb 2010, owners will have to register with HDB within 7 days from the start date of the subletting

    5         To facilitate registration, flat owners may either register their sub-letting of rooms online or at the Branch Office, where HDB staff will be on hand to guide them on the registration process.

    6         Flat owners will be required to provide only essential information shown in Annex A (36KB).

    Penalty for Non-Compliance

    7         A penalty of up to $3,000 will be imposed on those who flout the rule. HDB may compulsorily acquire the flats of flat owners who repeatedly fail to comply with the new requirement.

    8         Apart from this new rule, there is no change to the other terms and conditions for sub-letting of rooms as shown in Annex B (55KB).


    9         For further information or enquiries, the public can contact the HDB Branch Office Service Line at 1800-2255432.