HDB’s First BTO Launch for 2014
Date issued : 22 Jan 2014

 HDB launched six Build-To-Order (BTO) projects today, offering 3,139 new flats in four non-mature towns (Bukit Batok, Jurong West, Punggol and Woodlands) and one mature town (Serangoon). This is the first tranche of the 24,300 BTO flats that HDB has planned for 2014. For the rest of the year, there will be a good mix of BTO flat types across various towns, i.e. Bukit Batok, Hougang, Jurong West, Kallang Whampoa, Punggol, Sembawang, Sengkang, Tampines, Toa Payoh, Woodlands and Yishun.

2Starting with this launch, HDB will also introduce a standard suite of eco-features in all new public housing developments, which will help to manage water, energy and waste more efficiently. These include eco-pedestals in bathrooms which recycle water for toilet flushing, LED lighting with motion sensor controls and regenerative lifts that help to lower energy consumption, as well as Centralised Chutes for Recyclables (CCR) to promote recycling. More covered bicycle parking lots and bicycle wheel ramps will also be added to new projects to encourage residents to adopt a more environmentally-friendly mode of transport. This is part of HDB’s continuing effort to build environmentally sustainable homes for our residents.

Jan 2014 BTO Launch

3The 3,139 new flats launched comprise Studio Apartments (SAs), 2-room to 5-room flats, as well as 3Gen flats, to meet the diverse housing needs of first-timers, second-timers, multi-generation families, elderly and singles.

4First-timers will continue to enjoy priority flat allocation, with at least 85% (for 4-room and 5-room) and 70% (for 2-room and 3-room) of the BTO flat supply in non-mature towns/estates set aside for them. Eligible first-timer singles have the option of applying for a 2-room flat in Punggol Vue (JPG 495KB) or Woodlands Glen (JPG 499KB).

5Married/courting couples who wish to apply for a 3Gen flat together with their parent(s) can apply for one in Punggol BayView. Other multi-generation families wishing to live in the same BTO project can apply under the Multi-Generation Priority Scheme1(MGPS) and there will be flats set aside in Bukit Gombak Vista (JPG 445KB), Punggol Vue, Punggol BayView (JPG 310KB), and Woodlands Glen for this purpose. In addition, 50% of the SA supply in Bukit Gombak Vista, Golden Ginger (JPG 422KB), and Golden Lavender (JPG 592KB) will be reserved for elderly applicants under the Studio Apartment Priority Scheme (SAPS).

6Eligible first-timer households can enjoy up to $60,000 of housing grants, comprising the Additional CPF Housing Grant (up to $40,000) and Special CPF Housing Grant (up to $20,000). With these grants, 2-room, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room flats are priced from $13,000, $95,000, $199,000 and $383,000 respectively (Table 1). Further details can be found in Annex A (PDF 1072KB).

1 Under the MGPS, HDB will set aside up to 15% of the SAs, 2-room and 3-room flats in a BTO project (subject to a minimum of 20 units each) for parents applying under Multi-Generation Priority Scheme (MGPS). The same number of 2-room and bigger flats will be set aside in the same BTO project for their married children.

Table 1: Jan 2014 BTO Prices

Flat Type #
Selling Price (Excluding Grants@)
Selling Price
(Including Grants^)
Non-Mature Estates
Woodlands Glen
From $73,000
From $13,000
From $145,000
From $95,000
From $234,000
From $199,000
Punggol Vue
From $84,000
From $24,000
From $179,000
From $129,000
Punggol BayView
From $184,000
From $134,000
From $293,000
From $258,000
From $393,000
From $383,000
From $433,000
From $423,000
Golden Lavender
Studio Apartment
From $83,000
Bukit Gombak Vista
Studio Apartment
From $87,000
From $221,000
From $171,000
Mature Estate
Golden Ginger
Studio Apartment
From $87,000


1) * Come in two sizes of 35 sqm (Type 1) and 45 sqm (Type 2).

2) ^ The assumed housing grants are meant for applicants applying as a family nucleus or two singles under the Joint Singles Scheme for a 2-room flat:
i) 2-room flat: $60,000 (comprising AHG of $40,000 and SHG of $20,000 where applicable)
ii) 3-room flat: $50,000 (comprising AHG of $30,000 and SHG of $20,000 where applicable)
iii) 4-room flat: $35,000 (comprising AHG of $15,000 and SHG of $20,000 where applicable)
iv) 5-room flat / 3Gen: $10,000 (AHG only)

The actual grant amounts vary based on income and choice of flat type. Read more on various CPF Housing Grants Available.

3) # SAs are sold on a 30-year lease, beginning from the date of key collection. Prices are inclusive of the elderly-friendly fittings/finishes. 50% of the supply is set aside for the SA Priority Scheme under which eligible applicants can right-size to an SA in the same town as or within 2 km from their current flat/property, or apply for an SA to live near or with parents/married child.

4) @ Singles who apply under the Single Singapore Citizen Scheme will pay $15,000 more than the married couples. Eligible singles can also apply for AHG and SHG. The actual grant amounts will vary based on income. Read more on various CPF Housing Grants Available.

Advice for Flat Buyers

7Applicants are strongly advised to apply for a BTO flat in non-mature towns/ estates to enjoy a higher chance of success in securing a flat.

8Regular updates on the number of applications submitted for the various flat types/towns/estates will be published on the HDB InfoWEB. Applicants are advised to check for updates before submitting their application.

Application for Jan 2014 BTO Exercise

9Application for the BTO flats can be submitted online from today, 22 Jan 2014 (Wednesday) to 28 Jan 2014 (Tuesday). Eligible applicants can apply for only one flat type in one town only.

10More details on application procedures can be found in Annex B (PDF 133KB).

11For enquiries, the public can:

      - Log on to esales.hdb.gov.sg; or

      - E-mail hdbsales@hdb.gov.sg; or

      - Visit the HDB Sales Office to speak with our Customer Relations Executives during office hours (Mon to Fri 8 am to 5 pm, Saturday 8 am to 1 pm).

Next BTO Launch in March 2014

12In March 2014, HDB will offer about 3,500 new flats in Sembawang, Sengkang and Yishun. More information on the flats offered under the Mar 2014 BTO Exercise is available on the HDB InfoWEB.