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Resale Application

You and the buyer must submit your resale application online via the e-Resale service. Salespersons can use the Estate Agent Toolkit to submit resale applications on behalf of their clients.

On receiving the resale application from both parties, we will assess the eligibility of the buyer and the seller.

You and the buyer should ensure that both of you meet all the eligibility conditions and resale requirements before the second party submits his portion of the resale application. 

How do I submit a resale application?

If you have not engaged the service of a salesperson, you can submit your application using the the e-Resale service.

The buyer's and seller's portions of the resale application do not need to be submitted using the same service.

When must the resale application be submitted to HDB?

You and the buyer (or the salesperson) can proceed to submit the resale application after you have exercised the Option to Purchase (OTP).

There are 2 important time-specific requirements to observe when submitting your resale application:

(i) Submission by the second party within 7 calendar days

Either you or the buyer can submit your portion of the resale application first. After the first portion is submitted, the second party must submit his portion within 7 calendar days. If this is not done, the application will lapse and both parties will have to restart the process.

(ii) Submission of application to HDB (according to Clause 12 of the OTP)

Under Clause 12 of the OTP, you and the buyer will agree on the timeframe to submit your resale application to us, as shown below:

Clause 12 of Terms and Condition for Sale and Purchase:

The Seller and Buyer will within ________ calendar days from the date of exercise of this Option, jointly apply to the HDB for its approval for the sale and purchase of the Flat.

This is a contractual agreement between you and the seller. The timeframe can be extended with mutual consent.

Who has to submit the resale application?

You and the buyer will have to submit your respective portions of the resale application. If you have engaged the services of a salesperson, the salesperson may submit the application on your behalf.

What are the information and documents to be provided? Is any payment required for the resale application?

In the application, you will have to provide information relating to your flat purchase as well as your personal particulars. If you have submitted your Resale Checklist via the Resale Checklist for Sellers/ Buyers service, you will have to provide the serial number of the Resale Checklist.

You and the seller must each pay a non-refundable administrative fee.

How can I book the Resale First Appointment?

The second party who submits his portion of the resale application can book the First Appointment. Both parties must agree on the appointment date and time.

You and the buyer may use the Enquiry on Available Dates for Resale First Appointment service to check the available dates and time slots for the First Appointment. You should discuss and agree on the date and time before making the appointment.

You can make changes to the First Appointment date and time online via My HDBPage, after you have received the First Appointment letter from us. The buyer and you should agree to the change before submitting the request.

Where can I check the status of my Resale Application and First Appointment?

You can check the status of your resale application and view the date of the First Appointment on My HDBPage. The buyer and you will also each receive a notification of the resale application on this page once the first party submits his portion of the application.