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Documents & Checklists

When selling your flat, you will need to provide certain documents to HDB. 

Appointments with HDB

Please provide us with these documents during your First Appointment:

  • Original along with 1 photocopy of Identity Cards of sellers or Passports, if Identity cards are not available
  • Duplicate Lease, if it has been issued
  • Wife/ husband’s endorsement on the resale application form and Spouse Consent to Resale form if she/ he is the occupant of the flat
  • Power of Attorney, if applicable
  • Original Serialised Resale Checklist for sellers if you have used the hardcopy Resale Checklist and have deposited it in the Resale Checklist Repository on or before 30 November 2013

Additional documents needed, if seller is deceased:

  • Death certificate of sellers and 3 photocopies
  • Grant of Letter of Administration/ Probate, if applicable
  • Last will of the deceased, if applicable
  • Order of Court to sanction the sale, if applicable

If the documents to be submitted are in languages other than English, Chinese, Malay or Tamil, an official translation in English of these documents is required.

Additional documents needed if the sellers are divorced or separated

  • Deed of separation or Interim Judgment (previously known as Decree Nisi) and Certificate of Making Interim Judgment Final (previously known as Decree Nisi Absolute)
  • Order of Court, if any
  • Any other documents of the divorce

If the above documents are in languages other than English, an official translation in English of these documents by a sworn interpreter of the Supreme Court or Subordinate Courts is required.

Additional documents needed, for Singapore Permanent Resident households where seller is bankrupt

  • Letter from the Official Assignee to consent to resale

Additional documents needed if the sellers are requesting temporary extension of stay

Sellers need to submit one of the following documents as proof of purchase of a completed residential property in Singapore that is ready for occupation:

  • An Option to Purchase which has been exercised

  • A Sales and Purchase Agreement which has been executed

  • Other evidence of purchase, e.g. letter by solicitor confirming the taking possession or date of taking possession of property

Resale Checklist

You must complete the Resale Checklist using the Resale Checklist for Sellers/ Buyers e-Service at least 7 days before you exercise the Option to Purchase to buyers.

Find out more about Resale Checklist for Sellers here.