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Fire Insurance

Flat owners with an HDB loan commencing on 1 September 1994 and after are required to buy fire insurance for their home. As long as you have an outstanding HDB loan, you must renew your fire insurance if it has expired.


The HDB Fire Insurance Scheme was introduced to help relieve flat owners of the financial burden of repair work if a fire occurs.

The fire insurance policy covers the cost of reinstating damaged internal structures, fixtures, as well as areas built and provided by us, but excludes household contents.

Our current appointed insurer is Etiqa Insurance Pte Ltd and the insurance policy offered under HDB’s Fire Insurance Scheme is valid for a 5-year period; renewal is done once every 5 years.

From 16 August 2014 to 15 August 2019, the 5-year premiums (including 7% GST) are as follows:

Flat Type 5-Year Premium (Including 7% GST) Sum Insured
1-room $1.50 $19,300
2-room $2.50 $26,300
3-room $4.50 $41,800
4-room $5.50 $69,100
5-room $6.60 $75,600
Executive/ Multi-Generation flats $7.50 $98,200
Studio Apartment (Type A) $3.50 $29,000
Studio Apartment (Type B) $4.00 $37,200

Purchasing or renewing your fire insurance

You can purchase or renew your fire insurance policy by mailing a cheque payable to Etiqa Insurance Pte Ltd to: One Raffles Quay #22-01 North Tower, Singapore 048583

Remember to indicate your address and HDB account number at the back of the cheque.

For enquiries, you can call Etiqa Insurance Pte Ltd at 6331-9253 or visit their website.