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Community in-Bloom in the Heartlands

Community in-Bloom in the Heartlands is an exciting collaboration between HDB, NParks, and Residents' Committees (RCs), which aims to promote greening and strengthen community bonding through gardening.
Besides actively setting aside plots in the precincts for community gardening, HDB also works with the RCs and NParks in the setting up and growing of community gardens.  
Greenprint Community in bloom
Community in bloom Community in-Bloom

In addition, we link up the community gardeners with neighbouring schools and hold educational tours for students to these gardens. The benefits are two-way. While these tours allow students to learn more about the different types of plants and flowers, the gardeners also picked up greening knowledge from the students.

Want to participate in the greening of your community or meet other plant lovers and people with green fingers? 
Join our drive in greening your community and build long lasting friendships today! 
Together, the community can sustain the greening and community bonding efforts in the Heartlands.
For more information regarding this project, please email us at