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Heartland Youthoria! 2016

HDB Community Week 2016

Heartland Youthoria! 2016

Heartland Youthoria! is the youth segment of HDB Community Week, to celebrate youths’ involvement in community building. It aims to:

  • Raise awareness on community bonding in the heartlands among youth
  • Inspire youths to join HDB on the journey in building heartland communities
  • Showcase success stories of youth-led initiatives in the heartlands

More Details

Heartland Youthoria! Exhibition

Join youths on their journey to build active and cohesive communities and find out how you too can make a difference in your neighbourhood.
Heartland Youthoria! 2016
A Learn more about how our Heartland Ambassadors worked together to fulfil their aspirations of creating gracious and responsible heartland living through the Heartland Ambassador Outreach video
B Trace Maddie’s journey as she learns to be a friendly and good neighbour at Maddie and Friends
C Have a go at the fun e-games, and explore how you can make your neighbourhood more vibrant

Good Neighbours Project (Youth)

Take a peek at the Good Neighbours Project (Youth) and see how our youths have brought neighbours together.

Heartland Youthoria! Event Highlights

Check out the Heartland Youthoria! Event Highlights:

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HDB Community Week 2016

Good Neighbours Project Heartland Youthoria!