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Our Heartland Trails

As part of HDB's effort in building active and cohesive communities, we have developed the 'Our Heartland Trails' mobile application for residents to learn more about the towns at their convenience!

For a start, Bedok and Punggol towns are chosen for the trails as they are part of the HDB’s Remaking Our Heartland (ROH) programme to revitalise and inject vibrancy into HDB estates. Trails in these two towns are co-created with members of the community.

Keep a lookout for other town trails coming your way!


The mobile application will detect your location and automatically provide interesting nuggets of information relating to the different places. It also features games and quizzes, where you can learn about the town's landmarks and history. You can use the mobile application in two modes - self-guided learning trail or competitive race trail.

Rediscover the beauty and meaning of the places in HDB towns, and create new shared experiences with one another at your convenience!

Towns With Trails

Take a look at what’s in ‘Our Heartland Trails’.

Our Heartland Trail @ Bedok





Our Heartland Trail @ Punggol





Download for Free!

Download the 'Our Heartland Trails' mobile application from App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android) for free!

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