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ACE! in the Heartlands

‘Arts, Culture and Entertainment (ACE!) in the Heartlands’ is a community arts initiative where people come together to create something beautiful for our shared spaces.

Through this programme, we work with residents, local Grassroots Organisations, and schools to find creative and inspiring ways to preserve and celebrate the memories and culture of a town, neighbourhood, or estate. It is certainly a great way for you and your community to get together, bond, and take ownership of your estate.

ACE! Projects take place over 3 stages:

Stage 1: Consultation

The community is invited to come together to share memories of, and aspirations for, its town, neighbourhood, or estate. These contributions are then translated into ideas for an ACE! project which can be in different forms such as a mural, skit, or song.

Stage 2: Co-Creation

The community comes together to create their work of art under the guidance of a professional.

Stage 3: Celebration

The community unveils and celebrates the product of its efforts at a local community event.


Below are some of the recently completed ACE! Projects:

Mural by residents of Nautilus@Punggol Clay Art Mural by residents of Punggol Parcvista
Mural by residents of Nautilus@Punggol. Clay art mural by residents of Punggol Parcvista.