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Heartland Ambassador Programme

The Heartland Ambassador Programme is specially designed for residents and youths to champion gracious and responsible living in the heartland.

Take part and you will discover how you can contribute to building active and caring communities, and create an eco-friendly living environment.

You can look forward to having lots of fun in the process too!


The Heartland Ambassador Journey is guided by the Learn-Serve-Initiate Cycle.

Learn - Heartland Ambassador Workshop
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Learn about the factors that contribute to a harmonious and responsible heartland community as well as get practical how-to tips in engaging residents.  

You can expect an experiential workshop filled with interactive games, hands-on activities, and role play sessions.

Serve - Conducting Visits and Tours
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Practise what you have learnt! Conduct visits or guided tours to share what you have learnt with fellow residents.

Activities include:
1)  Visiting residents to share useful tips on harmonious living and eco-friendly lifestyle 

2)  Conducting tours and sharing stories of the town and neighbourhood to strengthen the sense of belonging 

Initiate - Heartland Ambassador Project
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Go on to start your own projects with the community!

You will be given opportunities to engage the community and organise activities at HDB’s community events. 

See what our Heartland Ambassadors have learnt, served, and initiated so far:

The Heartland Ambassador Programme is now open to all residents! Sign up with your contact details at