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Car Parks

Coupon Parking

If you are parking at a car park with the coupon system, and do not have a valid season parking ticket, you need to display valid parking coupons to pay for the parking charges there.

These are the different types of parking coupons available:

Motor Car


Motor car

Hourly or Half-Hourly Day Parking Coupon

The coupons are available in booklets:

Denomination No. of Coupons Value per Booklet
$0.60 20 $12.00
$1.20 10 $12.00
$2.40 5 $12.00

These coupons can be used when you park your vehicle in HDB/ URA coupon car parks during designated parking hours. These coupons can only be used to park at a specific car park, and cannot be used in a different car park. Please read the individual car park's signboard carefully to determine if the charges are $0.60 or $1.20 per half hour.

Here are samples of the coupons: