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Car Parks

Termination Procedure

You can terminate your season parking if you do not need it anymore, and we will refund you the unexpired season parking charges. Requests for a refund must be made prior to the termination, and we will not backdate refunds. 

How to apply

You can request to terminate your season parking using one of the following methods.


You can submit your request for Termination of Season Parking.

Mobile application

You can also submit your request via our mobile application. Download it from:

Effective date of refund

The amount of season parking charges to be refunded will be calculated from the day after the request to terminate season parking was made. If a motorist requests a refund on the 20th of the month, the refund will be computed from the 21st till the expiry date of the season parking.

Pro-rated season parking cannot be refunded. If a motorist buys season parking from 13th Mar to 31st May, his refund will only be computed from 1st May.

Mode of refund

We will refund the unexpired portion of your season parking directly to your bank account within 2 weeks.