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Facts and Figures

Punggol has an estimated HDB resident population of 99,500 and we manage 35,515 flats in the town (as of 31 March 2015). These numbers are set to rise over the next few years as more developments take root and new residents and young families move into the town. 

History of Punggol

Punggol, also spelt as Ponggol, means "hurling sticks at the branches of fruit trees to bring them down to the ground" in Malay. The name suggests that Punggol was a fruit growing district where fruits and forest produce were sold wholesale.

Its history includes a national heritage site, Punggol Point, which saw the massacre of Chinese civilians by Japanese soldiers during World War II.

Evolving Through The Years

Punggol has come a long way from its days as a town where poultry, pig and vegetable farms were located.

In 2007, Punggol 21 Plus was unveiled as part of Remaking Our Heartland plans for Punggol to realize its vision as ‘A Waterfront Town of the 21st Century’.

Today, Punggol is known for the up and coming housing projects along the Punggol waterway, such as Waterway Terraces I and II, which are slated to be completed in 2015.

Eco-friendly housing projects in the town such as Treelodge@Punggol have also gained recognition for their green housing initiatives.

Notable Places

The 4.2 km long Punggol Waterway is now one of the most recognisable landmarks in the town. Residents and visitors can partake in a gamut of leisure activities along the waterway and enjoy the scenic views as they walk along the landscaped promenade.