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Bukit Batok





Facts and Figures

Bukit Batok is home to an estimated 113,800 HDB residents, and within the town, we manage 32,275 flats (as of 31 March 2015).

History of Bukit Batok

The name Bukit Batok was supposedly derived from the Malay words, Bukit (hill), which corresponds to the hilly nature of the region, and Batok, which some thought was an adaptation of “batu” – Malay for granite, which is what the hill is made of. 

Evolving Through The Years

Major development of Bukit Batok into a satellite HDB town started in 1970.

It has since developed into a self-contained new town with shopping centres, a driving centre, stadium, nature park, clubhouses, and also industrial park, making it a cohesive living environment for work and play.

Notable Places

One special feature of Bukit Batok is the many parks in the neighbourhood, including Bukit Batok Town Park (often considered part of Bukit Gombak) and the Bukit Batok Nature Park. A trail from the park also leads to Bukit Batok Hill, a historical site where two memorials from World War II once stood. 

Another well-known attraction commonly associated with the town is Little Guilin; a now defunct granite quarry that is beautifully landscaped with footpaths.