HDB Subletting of Flat - Payment of Administrative Charges


1.Owners who sublet their whole HDB flat may apply to renew the subletting.

2.To renew the subletting, the applicants must ensure that:

a. the application is submitted no later than one month after the expiry of the existing approved subletting period.

b. the commencement date of the new subletting is immediately after the expiry date of the existing subletting.

c. the reason for the existing subletting is still valid.

d. if the supporting documents for subletting e.g. letter from employer on confirmation and duration of the overseas employment, has already expired, a new supporting document is attached.

3If any of the condition in paragraph (2) cannot be met, applicants are required to submit a new application instead.

4You can submit your renewal application electronically. Please ensure that you have HDB Security PIN or SingPass ready (for logging into the system).

To proceed, please

5If you have forgotten your HDB Security PIN, you can click here to download the form and send it to us by post, to request for a new HDB PIN. If you have forgotten your Singpass, you can apply for a new SingPass online or over the counters at Community Clubs, Community Development Councils, CPF Offices, IRAS or LTA.